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Email Program Setup
Different email programs have slightly different configurations. Consult your email program help files for program-specific details. We have provided general instructions for the most popular email programs:

Netscape Communicator:
  • Go to "Edit | Preferences"
  • Double click Mail & Groups
  • In the menu (left margin), choose Identity
  • Enter your name, your email address, and your reply-to address.
  • In the menu (left margin), choose Mail Server
  • In "Mail Server Username" enter your account name, eg,
  • In incoming (POP) mail server enter
  • In your outgoing (SMTP) mail server enter and Click "OK." Or enter your Internet Service Providers SMTP information (You should consult them if you do not know if they support 3rd party SMTP and if you don't know the SMTP mail server address.)
Eudora Mail (3.x and earlier):
  • Go to "Tools | Options"
  • Select "Getting Started"
  • In the "POP Account" field, enter:
  • Select "Hosts"
  • In the SMTP field, enter:
  • Click "OK"
Eudora Mail (4.x and later):
  • Go to "Tools | Options"
  • Select "Getting Started"
  • In the "Mail Server (incoming)" field, enter:
  • In the "Login Name" field, enter: your account name, i.e.
  • Select "Sending Mail"
  • In the SMTP field, enter:
  • Click "OK"
Microsoft Outlook Express:
  • Go to: "Tools | Accounts"
  • Click on "Add" then select "Mail"
  • "Your Name" = your real name
  • "Internet Address" = email address of the account you are accessing (
  • "Email Server Names" - Select "POP3" from the dropdown list
  • In the "incoming (POP)" fields, enter:
  • In the outgoing mail (SMTP) field, enter: or use your Internet Service Provider information - you may have to consult with them.
  • "Internet Mail Logon" - In the "POP Account name" field, enter your email account, e.g.
  • In the "Password" field, enter the password you specified when setting up the POP3 account

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