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How to install web software
How to install web software via the account manager:

Log in to your account manager.

Select the Install Popular Scripts link in the Website Marketing and Design row. A list of your domain names will be displayed. You may view the software you already have installed, view a list of software that is queued to be installed, or install a new software package.

Click Install Package to install new software.

The next page displays a list of software that is installable directly through the control panel. Most popular content management systems, blogging systems, forums, and shopping carts are supported.

Click the software of your choice. The software version and a brief description will load. Click Continue to proceed.

The first field determines where the software will be installed. This is a folder on your website. For example, if you place wp in this field the software will appear at If you want the software to appear when someone visits you will want to remove the '/wp'. Otherwise, a visitor will need to go to to see your site.

Choose the admin user name and the email address that will be used for the admin account of the software.

Accept the license of the software and click install. Your software will be installed and an email will be sent to the address you specified.


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