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How do I setup my own SSL Certificate
To make use of Private SSL instead of our Shared SSL, an account will first need to purchase a Dedicated IP address. This can be done in the Account Manager under the Order Service section.

Second we will need to generate a CSR (Certificate Sign Request) for use with the SSL provider of your choosing. To do so we will need the following information:
  1. Exact common name to use for the SSL Certificate. (i.e.,,
  2. The company name or individual name under which the business is being operated.
  3. The city, state and country of operation for the business.

You may submit this information in the Account Manager using the Contact Us link.

We will email you the CSR and you will take that to the SSL Certificate provider of your choice. They will create the SSL certificate and you will need to give us that file so that we may attach it to your hosting account and enable it on your web site.

The SSL certificate provider may ask which type of web server software that is in use. The software is Apache.

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