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Registrar Transfer

Omnis Network now allows the authorization of a registrar transfer via email. We will send an email to the administrative contact on record with the current registrar shortly after your order is processed. To process your transfer request simply follow the instructions in the email to fulfill the authorization requirements to process the transfer request.

If you are unable to receive messages to the administrative contact's email address provided by the current registrar's whois service, then you must submit the form below to proceed.

A copy of owner identification is REQUIRED to process a registrar transfer when submitting this form. Examples of accepted identification are a business license, fictitious name statement, or government issued identification. The identification MUST represent the current registrant/owner of the domain name as displayed in the whois service supplied by the current Registrar. Authorization forms not including the necessary identification will *NOT* be processed.

Please read and sign the following agreement. Return this form with the required owner identification via fax to (310) 347-4075 or via regular mail to:

            Omnis Network
            ATTN: Registrar Transfers
            3655 Torrance Blvd. Suite 180
            Torrance, CA 90503

RE: Transfer ofpopeye-x.com
  • I agree that when ordering a registrar transfer to Omnis Network, LLC that I must agree to enter into a new Registration Agreement with Omnis Network. The agreement is presented on our order form when placing an order or can be reviewed at https://www.omnis.com/policies/domain_registration.php.
  • I understand that once I have entered into the Agreement and my transfer request is accepted and processed, the transfer will take place within five (5) calendar days unless the current registrar of record denies the request.
  • I understand that once a transfer takes place, I will not be able to transfer to another registrar for 60 days except for a transfer back to the original registrar when either both registrars so agree or when a decision in the dispute resolution process so directs.

I affirm that I am the owner or an agent for the owner of the above domain name(s) and I wish to initiate a registrar transfer to Omnis Network, LLC.

Authorized Signature: _________________________________________________________