Email Services

May 11th, 2010

Email hosting is one of the most popular services that Omnis Network provides, and for a good reason: our email servers have a well-deserved reputation for speed, reliability, and security. In today's blog post I'll describe how we've worked to create a robust, scalable email solution by following the path of an email.

The first step in the email process is receiving an email. The Omnis eMail Cloud receives all incoming mail. The eMail Cloud is a load-balanced cluster of servers. Load balancing is a technical process that spreads the work of processing incoming emails across all of the servers in the cloud. Load balancing keeps the cloud running fast so that your emails are processed instantly. Spam and virus filtering take place at this step.

The next step is storage. Emails are routed to the high-security email storage servers. Omnis email storage servers use RAID5 to prevent loss of data. The storage servers allow your email to be accessible via POP, IMAP, or webmail.

The final step is sending an email. Emails stored on the high-security email storage servers are sent out via the Omnis eMail Cloud. The Omnis eMail Cloud processes the email immediately.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how we manage email here at Omnis Network. All of our hosting accounts include @yourbusiness email addresses. For more information, or to open a new hosting account please contact