What is Blog Hosting?

To understand what blog hosting is you first need to understand what a blog is. The term “blog” is actually an abbreviation of the term “weblog”, although blogs are almost never referred to as that anymore. Blogs are websites that are regularly updated with information that consistently changes the content of the home page. This is different from other websites, that typically have different pages but the content of those pages doesn’t often change. A website, especially a business website, can often have a blog attached to it, but the blog does not act as the main site.

So, what is blog hosting?

Blog hosting is a form of web hosting that focuses mainly on blogs and will allow you to install and use blog software such as WordPress, Typepad, Nucleus, and more. Blog hosts are also extremely experienced and well-versed in blogging features such as: scripting support (PHP), database support (MySQL), one-click install (Fantastico), and large amounts of storage space and bandwidth.

Just like other types of web hosting, you can choose either paid or free blog hosting, and the pros and cons are very similar as well. Free hosting is available from sites such as and, and won’t cost you a dime, although you will have to put up with ads on your site that won’t generate any income for you. You also won’t have to know anything about script installation or database configuration, as the blogging software will already be set up and ready to go for you.

If you want your blog to generate a substantial income for you, you’ll want to consider moving to a paid blog host. With this option you’ll have a domain that only includes the name of your blog (with no “.wordpress” or “.blogspot”) extensions, you’ll have a little bit of control over the ads on your site and where they’re placed, and your blog will be able to handle larger amounts of traffic. These types of blogs are typically a little more in-depth and involved than free blogs, so you might also want to consider becoming familiar with blogging elements such as scripts and basic HTML code. Still, you don’t have to be an Internet genius to figure out how to get your blog up and running, thanks to the easy one-click installations that are typically available through paid blog hosting.

If you just want to get your own blog up and running, blog hosting can be a great choice. And, with the many different plugins and features that are available through both fee and paid blog hosting, your blog can be live in just a few clicks and you can do anything with it that you’d be able to with a static website including forums and photo galleries.