To Make the Right Infographic, You Need the Right Tools

You’ve heard all about how infographics can help your site, and you’ve probably even seen a few that you thought were very compelling. But how do you get one up on your website or blog? Aside from gathering all the data from your different resources, how do you get it all into an attractive and interesting graphic that’s perfect for your site? Here too, you’ll need different resources. Some of these are free and some will cost a few bucks, but all of them will give you a great infographic. The difference will only be in if you want a basic graph, or one that’s more complex with different pictures and features involved. is a great tool that will take any data you enter into Excel and transport it into a PDF document, or even transfer it right onto your website. While it does only provide charts, it will give you up to 30 different kinds of them, far more than you’ll get with just Excel alone. You can also have one or two different charts within the same infographic, providing a couple different sets of data numbers. You will need to register on the site first, but registration – and full use of the site – is completely free.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly infographic tool, Piktochart is a great one to use. Here you’ll get 90 different templates, so you’ll be sure to find one that will perfectly fit the data that you need. These templates will then guide you through adding the data you want contained within the graphic, and afterwards you can easily drag and drop them to wherever you want them to fit. Once your graphic is finished you can download it, print it out, or even share it directly to social media. This tool does cost $29 a month to use, but a trial version is available in case you want to try it out without paying a fee.

InfoActive is another very user-friendly site that allows you to make stunning visuals pretty simply and easily. One thing InfoActive offers that some others do not is that the graphs are interactive and can easily be changed by the users. That allows you to continue to edit and make changes to your infographic so that they don’t become outdated, forcing you to create a new graphic altogether. InfoActive doesn’t cost anything, but it is still in a beta phase. That means that it’s considered to be private and the owners of the site will need to approve you first (after you submit your email) before you can start working on your graphic. There is no word on whether or not the software will cost anything to use once it goes public and no longer needs registration approval.

Many Eyes is an infographic tool that allows you to create different images for your graphic that others won’t. These include things such as word trees, tree maps, heat maps, and word clouds. It’s not as easy to use as many of the other infographic tools and so, you might need to have some technical know-how before you embark on using it.

The infographic you choose will ultimately depend on much technical knowledge you have, as well as what price you want to pay for it. Any one you choose though will let you get that infographic up and running on your site, so you can jump into this current trend, and start promoting your blog or website in one of the most productive online marketing strategies today.