Best SEO Practices for 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a bit challenging. Not only are there a number of different elements to consider, but things are constantly changing, making it hard to keep on top of what you should be doing on your site. This year, a lot has already changed in SEO and if you haven’t kept up, it could mean making some changes on your site. Here are some of the changes that have been made, and the best SEO practices you can start putting into place right now.

Go mobile
This year Google placed a major emphasis on mobile-friendly websites. With over 50 percent of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s not hard to see why. If your website isn’t currently mobile-friendly, not only will users get frustrated that it’s not appearing right on their device, but your Google will also lower your page rankings, making it difficult for people to find you at all. Speak with your web host or IT specialist about how to make your site mobile-friendly. It’s not difficult, and will greatly contribute to the success of your site.

Go long, go local
Keywords are still just as important as they ever were to SEO, but they are seeing changes, too. While single words used to be the norm in keywords, today long-tail keywords that include three to five words is considered ideal. Not only will long-tail keywords get you slightly higher page rankings, they will also help visitors narrow down what they’re looking for. In turn, this helps you to direct content to your target audience more efficiently and effectively.

Also remember that including your location can be helpful with keywords, particularly if you deliver a product or service locally. So the keyword “florist” can be turned into “best florist in Florida”.

Get social
If you want your site and your brand to have a significant web presence then you must get active on social networking sites such as Google +, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. In terms of SEO, it’s more important to have a dynamic presence than it is to have content that is actually liked and shared. And because these sites will have a high page ranking, if visitors don’t find your site at least they’ll find you indirectly through your Facebook page or Twitter profile. Make sure that you keep active on Google+ as well. Although not one of the most popular sites, because it’s a Google product it will receive priority in the page rankings.

When it comes to the number of SEO practices you can employ on your site, there are many. And while some of the ones you use today are those that you’ve been using for years, there are also some that have just come about this year. In order to stay ahead of the competition and ensure your site has a dynamic and robust web presence, start using these best SEO practices for 2015. You’ll start seeing the results right away.