Domain Name Privacy Protection

May 15th, 2010

Part of our security initiative at Omnis Network is to provide services that protect the privacy of our clients. Domain name whois privacy protection is perhaps the easiest and most effective privacy service to implement. The service is highly recommended for all domain name buyers. Here's how it works:

For $0.99 a month Omnis agrees to act as an agent to act on your behalf. Your personal information, normally on display via a public whois database, is replaced with our contact information. You retain ownership of your domain name.

What does this mean in practical terms? In normal circumstances, your contact information is displayed in a public database:

Administrative Contact:
John Smith
123 Example Street
Example, State 12345
Phone: 1-310-555-1234
Fax: 1-310-555-1234

The Omnis Network whois privacy protection service replaces your contact information with that of a generic agent:

Administrative Contact:
Guarded Services
3655 Torrance Blvd Suite 230
Torrance, CA 90503, US
Phone: 1-310-316-1688

For $0.99 per month this is a bargain. Follow our blog to learn more about the steps Omnis Network has taken to increase security and protect your privacy.