Cloud Hosting

Jun 11th, 2010

Omnis Network uses a technology popularly known as "cloud hosting" to provide reliable, secure web hosting. The term cloud hosting is tossed around by a lot of websites, but very few companies explain what benefits their cloud services actually provide. I'd like to use this blog post to provide some insight into the benefits of our cloud hosting service, as well as give you an inside look into how our cloud hosting works.

Cloud hosting is a method of distributing content across multiple servers. Omnis Network's web servers are configured in a load-balanced cluster. A single website's content is served from a minimum of twelve servers at any one time. There are multiple advantages to this configuration:

  • High traffic on a single website does not affect other sites on the cloud. The load is shared across the entire cloud.

  • There is no single point of failure. All client websites remain online if a server in the cloud goes offline.

  • Speed is increased due to low loads.

  • High security due to the distribution of services.

The bottom line is that uptime is phenomenal with the load-balanced cloud. Client websites load fast, data is securely stored and transferred, and reliability is top-notch.