Secure Your Domain Name For Life

Feb 02nd, 2011

One of the most frustrating things that could happen to a successful web site developer is to lose the domain name that you had worked so hard to develop a web site around. Unfortunately, this happens far too often, for so many different reasons!

In the past, web site hosting services were always auto renewed using the credit card on file, but domain name registrations were never automatically renewed. Customers would have to log into the Account Manager and manually renew each domain in order to keep ownership of that domain name.

Some people may not realize that domain name registration is completely separate from web site hosting service. We are always very concerned when someone who has built a very dynamic and successful web site loses their domain name. If you were to allow your domain to expire and be deleted, someone else could register that domain and you would be left with a web site that doesn't work!

We are very proud to announce a new, free feature available with every domain name registration: Domain Name Auto Renew.

Domain Name Auto Renew is an option that may be enabled directly through the Account Manager. It automatically renews the registration of a domain name within two weeks of expiration. Auto Renew ensures that domain names remain registered with the same ownership. Auto Renew effectively secures domain name registrations for as long as the option is enabled.

Allowing a domain name to expire allows it to be registered by someone else. Why risk losing ownership of a domain name?

To enable Auto Renew on one or more domain names, please follow these Three Simple Steps:

1.Log in to the Account Manager
2.Click the Auto Renew option in the Domain Name Management section.
3.Select the checkbox next to the domain names to configure for Auto Renew, or click the Check All box to Auto Renew all of the displayed domains. Choose the credit card that will be billed for the Domain Name renewal, and click Update.

The selected domain name(s) will now automatically renew. To turn this feature off, follow the steps outlined above and simply remove the check next to the domain names to remove Auto-renewal and click Update.

Don't lose that awesome domain name! Keep your domains under your ownership for life!