Inspiration leads to Innovation

Aug 26th, 2011

Steve Jobs is a brilliant innovator. He has the ability to know what the public wants before they even realize they want it! So how does he come up with these wonderful ideas? He follows his inspiration and allows it to expand and grow beyond his wildest dreams. Steve Jobs credits a simple Calligraphy class that he audited after dropping out of college with being a great inspiration when it came to developing the Macintosh.

When you are struggling to discover exciting new ideas for your website, sometimes you take for granted the simple methods of stimulation that can spark a wonderful idea.  Don’t over-think yourself into a rut, but instead allow yourself to drift into a powerful state of creativity by changing the way you participate in daily activities.

One of the most important tools you can utilize is carrying a small notebook with you everywhere you go.  When life slaps you in the face with that Next Big Idea, you don’t want to wait until you get home to write it down and start to develop it…you need to get it down on paper RIGHT NOW! Even if the idea seems silly or irrelevant, just write it down and you can expand on it later.  Some of the best ideas are formed out of the smallest, most insignificant day dreams.

You would be surprised how many daily, boring activities you can change up to ignite that creative process you are struggling with.  Don’t just cruise through life not paying attention, allow your life to fuel your excitement.

For example, exercise can often times be painful and annoying…you just can’t wait until it’s over and you spend the whole time arguing with yourself over why the heck you are even doing this.  But imagine if you drive that negativity out and dive deep into your body to start getting in touch with the growth and power of your workout.  Visualizing your muscles growing and expanding, unwanted fat melting off your body as your energy increases and your body goes into hardcore mode, you can now allow your mind to fire up those creative powers and launch into an awesome new idea.

Another time you may drift off into nothingness is when you are driving.  Even the worst traffic can be channeled into fuel for your dynamic process.  When others are rushing and raging, slow down and take yourself out of the negative and enjoy the positive.  Take a look around and find the pleasant surroundings you normally miss as you push through the maze of cars.  You can even take a different route, experiencing a whole new world of inspiration from your new environment.

When you are talking to people and they start to complain, do you ever just tune them out?  Sometimes it is hard to listen to someone who is very negative, and you just wish they would stop.  However, maybe their complaining can spark your mental revolution!  Maybe it’s time for you to come up with a solution to their problem, or even better, an idea that will silence all the whining of the world?  Start asking more questions, dig a lot deeper than just the surface of the complaint, and really find out what makes this person angry.  Once you have the root of that evil in your hand, you can start to dissect what the exact opposite would be, and build on that idea to develop the root of AWESOME!

Don’t neglect your daily toils and tribulations, convert them into high-powered, efficient fuel for your idea producing engine…your days will be much better, and your ideas will flourish.