Building A Sports Related Website

Sep 08th, 2011

The National Football League season kicks off today, and this past summer has proven how important the internet is to sports and the fans that live and breathe sports. People use the internet for so many things when it comes to sports, from blogs covering a favorite team to official team pages with stats and schedules. Perhaps this is a good time for you to jump on board and put your sports passion online!

There are many different ways for you to jump online with your sports enthusiasm. The most popular sports websites right now are actually just blog sites. You could install the WordPress script to your website hosting account and find a fancy sports theme, or perhaps even find a theme relating to your favorite team, and then start blogging about whatever you feel strongly about. You could do weekly write-ups of the previous week's game, the upcoming games, and everything in between.

Connecting your sports website to your social networking websites is also very popular. Using Twitter or Facebook to post small, frequent comments about your team and sport interests is a fun way to participate in active dialogues about your favorite team.

Some of the analysts covering the NFL lockout became the hottest trend setters on Twitter this past summer. If you have valuable information and keep your blog updated with relevant information that people enjoy reading, you can quickly find your website on the front page of search engines if you do proper search engine optimization.

Fan pages are also a very fun and profitable website to build and maintain. A lot of leagues and teams have fan page packages you can download and use to make your website look like it is an official team page. When you get a lot of people following your page because you keep it fresh and new, you can begin to sell advertisements because your website is valuable.

Maybe you are an up and coming sports reporter and you want to get your foot in the door with a big time sports company like ESPN. You can start your own sports news website and do a good job of reporting the sports news as it happens. This could be your resume as you begin to look for work as a reporter, so make sure it shines.

There are a lot of ways you can participate in sports through your website, so find a league, a team, a player...something you are passionate about and start building your website!