Inspiration Outside The Box

With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, we look back on the revolution started, encouraged, and flamed by the passion of the great entrepreneur. Just a few months ago, we talked about how important Steve Jobs was to the growth of technology and how inspirational he was to so many people. Now, with his passing, his inspiration has exploded and people are clamoring to learn more about the real Steve Jobs and how he succeeded.

A video of Steve Jobs performing the commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005 has quickly become one of the hottest videos on the internet. Everyone who has a website related to anything remotely close to technology, entrepreneurship, inspiration, or computers has been referencing this video. If you have a website hosting account, you could probably see increased traffic if you were sharing this video right now, simply because it is so popular.

Some of Steve Jobs' catch phrases are being posted all over the internet. His inspiration is sparking quite a storm from people who honestly had no idea who he was just a few days ago. The simple statement “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” has become a mantra of young up and comers who look to expand outside the box.

As you begin each day, each project, each new job, each new relationship, it is important that you stay hungry and stay foolish. Think outside the box, instead of just going with the flow. Make sure that you are truly happy with your performance, and not just doing what you are told without any emotions. Being hungry means always searching for more, reaching for higher standards, striving for more difficult goals.

Staying foolish does not mean just goofing off all the time. Stay foolish in that inspirational connotation so that you never accept the status quo. I am sure many people thought Steve Jobs was foolish to try competing with IBM and the PC. But he threw caution to the wind, and foolishly developed a winning product.

As Steve Jobs moved forward with his plethora of innovations, he allowed his foolishness to expand and explore the realm of impossible. What was once outside the box, quickly became the normal standard. Ipods, Iphones, Ipads all are considered the most popular brands in their fields now.

Perhaps you can think outside the box with your website project, and develop something that people find foolish at first, but quickly discover they can't live without!