Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Email Message Size Limit

  2. Maximum Email Recipients

  3. How do I whitelist a domain name or email address?

  4. What Happens When My Domain Expires?

  5. Default DNS Records for Hosting

  6. What is email spoofing?

  7. What Is Greylisting?

  8. What are the directories in an account?

  9. How do I setup my own SSL Certificate

  10. Where can I register a domain?

  11. How do I upgrade to a larger plan?

  12. How do I set my email up in Apple Mail?

  13. Where can I access my E-mail via webmail?

  14. Do email accounts transfer when I switch hosts?

  15. Why does Apple Mail ask me to verify a certificate

  16. How do I blacklist a domain name or email address?

  17. What is my MySQL server's hostname?

  18. What is my FTP server?

  19. How do I change a file or directory's permissions?

  20. How fast will my account be set up?

  21. How do I add an additional domain to my account?

  22. Can I share access to my control panel?

  23. Why doesn't my site load after I publish it?

  24. How can I publish a RapidWeaver site via FTP?

  25. How can I publish via RapidWeaver?

  26. How to use MySQL LOAD DATA INFILE?

  27. What is the difference between POP3, IMAP and Forwarding email?

  28. Why does my domain name still point to my previous web host?

  29. What's a catch-all email address?

  30. Why don't my links or images work?

  31. How do I use Server Side Includes?

  32. How do I upload files to my web site?

  33. I uploaded my files but I still see the under construction page?

  34. Why is there no cgi-bin directory?

  35. Is directory browsing enabled?

  36. What is the path to sendmail?

  37. How to use MySQL on Windows?